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here's what we are up to

keep up to date on what we have going on. we update this page to give you an inside look at some of our projects and clients. find out why they chose to work with us and what we did for them.

dunmore candy kitchen

dunmore candy kitchen, a handmade chocolate

store located in Dunmore and Scranton, PA, wanted to shoot a commercial to air around Easter, which is their busy holiday. one of the store's main staples is their hand rolled peanut butter cups. we came up with an idea to showcase the pb cups and talk about the quality of handmade products. the commercial was received very well, receiving many compliments to the staff from customers.

nepa fitclub

nepa fitclub, a gym in Dickson City, PA, reached out to us to get a video for their website and social. they wanted a video on their site to tell visitors what to expect from their gym. the hope of this was to help persuade potential clients of theirs that the gym is the perfect place for them.

brute's barbershop

brute's barbershop, the newest barbershop in Old Forge, PA, contacted us to create a video showcasing who they are. As a recently opened shop, they wanted something to show the community what their shop is all about.

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